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*****Packages Microdermabrasion*****

Bio-Brasion Diamond Treatment

6 treatments $600 ($150 Savings)

8 treatment $800 ($280 Savings)

10 treatment $ $1000 ($350 Savings)

***ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment ***

4 treatments 1x's per week $525 ($175 Savings)

3 treatment 3x's in a month $$393.75 ($131.25 Savings)

2 treatment 2x's in a month $262.50 ($87.50 Savings)

1 treatment 1x in a month $131.25 ($43.75 Savings)

*****Memberships*****   **** No Be Well MEMBERSHIPS Taken at this Time - Check back****

Be Well Treatment Services 

Enjoy the moment over and over again. Want facial services for less per treatment ? 

In todays work the benefits of facial have never been greater. Studies have consistently found that many health problems are caused by stress. Frequent visits to your esthetician is the right treatment for you. Regular skin treatments deliver detoxification, healing, improved range of skin tone, texture and youthful glow with your monthly treatment program.

Here’s how the Be Well Membership WORKS: 

Face 1st Membership : $69.95 monthly (Package value $95)

50 min - Hydrating facial. Rejuvenate your skin and have new hydrated skin. A must have for skin that needs a pick me up. 

Sprinkle 2nd Membership : $ 79.95 monthly (Package value $125)

60 min - Detoxification facial that includes extractions with high frequency treatment to kill any bacteria from skin surface. A great way to treat acne and minor break outs on skin. 

Smile Always Membership: $99.95 (Package value $175.00)

70 min - Resurface treatment. Facial with bio-brasion wet/dry microdermabrasion resurfacing, 35% Glycolic No DOWN time PEEL. Fantastic way to give your skin a great resurface and be well hydrated in the process.

you will GLOW right out the door. Book Now !! 

*Led Light Therapy*

What is LED Light Therapy and what does it do?

LEDs are natural wavelengths of light in the visible and non-visible spectrum. Your skin will respond in different ways to different colors of light, i.e. red, blue, and infrared.*

Depending on the color of light, there will be different responses within your skin. For example, the application of blue light helps kill acne bacteria, red light stimulates collagen and elastin formation; infrared is applied it will help alleviate deep muscle and joint pain.*

Is LED Light Therapy FDA Approved?

The device used at Parfaire is a 3-in-1 system that has been FDA approved to treat certain skin conditions such as acne, pain, and fine lines and wrinkles.*

Is there a risk of injury with LED Light Therapy?

No. The system used at Parfaire is state-of-the-art and unable to break in any way that would cause harm to the patient. LED-emitting devices are classified by the FDA as possessing “non-significant risk” due to the fact that they possess no possibility of harm from over-exposure. It is also a completely painless treatment. Patients generally experience gentle warmth and find it very relaxing and therapeutic.*

Do the lights emit UV light?

No. The blue and red light emitted is in the visible spectrum of light and causes no adverse reactions to skin cells. And infrared light does not emit radiation. It is 100% safe to use on all skin types.*

What areas can be treated?

Any area of the body can be treated with LED lights. During the facials we focus mainly on the face but we can treat body acne, muscle pain, and loose and saggy skin on any area.*

How many treatments do you need before you see results?

This treatment works by activating your skin’s own natural healing responses and most visible results are not immediate but manifest gradually over time. This will depend heavily on your skin type and the severity of the skin condition; however, it is recommended to have an initial series of 8-12 treatments (twice a week for 4-8 weeks) with regular monthly maintenance.*

Can I pair LED therapy with other skin treatments?

Absolutely! LED will repair and strengthen the skin on a cellular level thereby, enhancing most skin rejuvenating treatments.*

Can anyone do LED therapy?

Yes. This treatment is ideal for all skin types and for anyone of any age. However, people with visibly aging skin, pain, or active breakouts will see the best results. Our skin technicians will still apply light therapy to everyone that can have it because we believe that it can also be preventative and keep the skin looking younger for longer.*

Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

***Running Late***

Yes, we know, it happens to everyone.  Please do consider that there are likely other clients scheduled after you, and if this is the case, your appointment may be shortened.  Of course, we'll make every effort to try to give you the full length of time allotted for your service or treatment.  Otherwise, depending how late you are, we may ask you to reschedule so as to avoid compromising the quality of your experience with us.  Thank you for understanding. 

*** You have to Cancel!***
Please be considerate and cancel 24 hours ahead of your appointment, unless of course, you just made a same day appointment.  If you end up canceling with less than 24 hours notice, please know you will be charged 50% of the service or treatment you were booked for.  

Your appointment is time set aside just for you which we protect to give you the best service when you do arrive. 

****No Shows, No Cancel Notice****
Hopefully, this never happens since we do reconfirm appointments 24 hours ahead of time as a courtesy.  But if it does and we receive no notice of change, it is Spa Policy to charge the entire amount of the treatment or service you booked for on the day you do not show and or Unfortunately, you will not be able to book with us again.


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